Duration: 45 minutes
Choreography: Twins Experiment
For and by: Laura Ramírez and Ainhoa Hernández aka Twins Experiment

Supported by: Grant for choreographic creation of the Community of Madrid 2016 / Canal Dance Center / INJUVE young creators prize 2016 / Mobility program PICE AC/E

Acknowledgements: Expanded Theatricalities program, Eleonora Fabião, María Jerez and Living Room 2017


This research is about 3 concepts that are interrelated between them:


Our way of understanding these concepts comes from a physical practice that puts our bodies in relation. In this physical practice we use the concept of playground as a container of our encounter, an encounter between two bodies that have a conversation. A place where we can develop our dialogic abilities, a listening practice, management of disagreements, or the arrival to common agreements.

We consider important to take the idea of game as a mediator and enabler of affects and knowledge. As a facilitator of a conversation that could allow the co-participation of individual beings and also their confrontation.

In a virtual society, where relations tend to be alienating, where there is more and more distance on human encounters and we are increasingly disconnected from the present it’s difficult to give yourself the time for leisure, for joy, for the encounter with the others.

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Programmed in:

Plataforma. Canal Dance Center & Teatros del Canal, Madrid.  June 2018

InTacto  Festival. Vitoria Gasteiz. November 2017

Arqueologías del Futuro Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2017

Bullshit Mex. Museo del Chopo. Mexico D.F. August 2017

CCE Montevideo. Uruguay. August 2017

Spring Movement. Center for Performance Research.New York. April 2017

Dance day. Canal Theatre - Canal Dance Center. April 2017

Bodies, Disorders, Democracy. Seminar organized by ARTEA. Matadero de Madrid. March 2017

Living Room Festival. Curated by: Juan Domínguez, María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez and Luis Úrculo. January 2017

IN_Prescindibles. La Poderosa, Barcelona. October 2016

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles