everlasting softness 

everlasting softness is the third project of Twins Experiment.

In this work wepropose a soft space to train a listening of matter and it’s agency, a fictional sensory space, where all bodies have the same importance and matter helps materialize the third thing that is produced between the two of us.

The practice involve our bodies and it’s relation with soft materials as: sourdough, clay, slime, jelly, petroleum jelly, silicone, gel, polyurethane, toothpaste, etc. We choose these materials because we consider that it’s singularity mantains a close relation with the main concepts of our work as a collective: porosity, flexibility, affectation, mutability, etc., as well as with some characteristics of the actual society in which our lives have a liquid condition, that is to say, they don’t keep the same form by long time.

– Artists in residency in CA2M and La Casa Encendida 2018

– Residence in Canal Dance Center 2018

Programmed in
–CCE Uruguay. Bullshit Fest. November 2018

–Acento Festival. CA2M. January 2019
–De Corpos Presentes. Espazo Normal. June 2019


2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles