Author ········· Edgar Allan Poe
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ July 1845
Language ······· English

With our body sweaty, we proposed some readings in relation with the theoretical framework of our piece CONVERSATION: ROOM OR DWELLING, to go deeper into the idea of conversation, which is the main topic of our research. In order to do this, we sweated the body to make it available before reading the texts and we ended up reflecting and talking together.

How to relate theory and practice? How do our bodies dialogue? How are we able to open cracks and sneak into them? How to stay there, like a game?  Through this proposal we seek a place of meeting, of question, of being.

It has already happened in:

Canal Dance Center, Spain – 2017

INAE, Uruguay – 2017

Arqueologías del Futuro Festival, Argentina – 2017

Upcoming dates to be announced.

Soft architectures, slime baths to fight against the heat waves, master formules that we will invent, electric synchrony between bodies. To reverse the rules and be able to be clean when we are dirty. To be experts and amateurs, to put ourselves in the middle, to play.

During a week we will ask ourselves:

How does matter move? How is it to dance with a slime dress? How can we respect the singularities of each body? How can we move together towards the unexpected?

While we are moving our bodies and making slime, we will be scientists dancers, experts, amateurs, teachers, facilitators, youtubers and colleagues.

This workshop specially developed for kids will take place in:

La cabaña de verano, CA2M, Madrid July 2018

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles