Duration: 60 minutes
Choreography: Twins Experiment
For and by: Laura Ramírez and Ainhoa Hernández aka Twins Experiment

Advisor: Cris Blanco

Supported by: Vértico, Espacio en Blanc, La Caldera Les Corts


HOW A PERFORMANCE IS MADE? is the first piece of Twins Experiment. Is a collage of materials that is edited in real time, creating a different composition every time it is performed. The objectivization of the bodies and movements multiplies the triggers and possibilities of combination of the materials with which the game is played.

Throughout the piece, the space is transformed according to the materials that appear, which produce a landscape-like installation on stage. The (game) structure of the piece is characterized by process and therefor risk. Multi-tasking, over-stimulation and mass culture consumption –states and effects of our present times– stand in contrast to the relationship of “twins”, not as single individuals, but as a symbiotic collective.

In this research we started working from a physical practice, reproducing pieces that we had seen together. We used this practice to understand their essence through our experience. We worked understanding the body as an archive of memories.

The main characteristic of the living arts field is that it contains ephemeral practices, so very often the experience is unique. Thus, memory played an important rol on reproducing those specific moments of pieces we had chosen. This already produced a first process of transformation in the materials we were working with. After a while, this process started creating new materials itself.

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2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles